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Technical data — additional accessories

Length over all 330 cm
Breadth over all 135 cm
Sail area 5.40 m²
Weight approx. 55.00 kg


Transport tarpaulin    
Trolley, demountable aluminium  
Boom vang  
Boat wax (wax conservation)  
Repair package  
Coloured filler incl. accelerator  
Wooden paddle (1 piece)  
Mounting for paddle on deck (pair)  
Patented ratchet strap  
Special colour for body of boat  
Foresail equipment with foresail 2 m² white  
Foresail equipment with foresail 2 m² coloured  

FLYING MICRON standard (ready to sail):

round frame two-shell construction made of GRP
buoyancy devices inside of the boat
skid-proof profile in cockpit and on deck
straps for sitting out
suction bailer and hull bailer in cockpit
two-part stay-less mast made of anodized aluminium
white sail made of high-strength Dacron 160 g/m²
built-in stowage
standard colour white nr. 8012

FLYING MICRON standard as described above and sail area 5.4 m²


Spare parts

Dagger plate with clamcleat and rubber spring  
Rudder gear  
Main sail 5.4 m² white  
Main sail 5.4 m² coloured    
All prices are including 19% German VAT ex shipyard. Additional costs will arise in case of shipping. Subject to technical changes and to alteration of prices.
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