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Rowboats and fishing boats
Rowboats and fishing boats in different sizes and configurations, round frame or hard chine. All boats are made of high-quality polyester plastic with hand laying procedure. Standard colour: green, inner shell: bright
Length over all 275 cm
Breadth over all 145 cm
Weight approx. 40 kg

A small round frame boat, easily to transport on a car roof. Well suited as jollyboat, as well as for buoy anchorage owners.

Floppy as described above (oars included)

Length over all 385 cm
Breadth over all 155 cm
Weight approx. 90 kg

A roomy rowboat with clinkered hull and classic sight. The boat has a high freeboard and is unsinkable by built-in air containers. The ideal boat for rough waters.

Petri as described above (oars included)

Fisherman I
Length over all 330 cm
Breadth over all 135 cm
Weight approx. 60 kg

A two-shell, unsinkable hard chine dinghy, apt for fishers and recreational oarsmen.

Fisherman I as described above (oars included)

Fisherman II
Length over all 440 cm
Breadth over all 155 cm
Weight approx. 70 kg

Hard chine, single shell construction with broad rim for individual mounting of fittings. Unsinkable by an air container in the fore as well as in the aft.

Fisherman II as described above (oars included)


oar 2.40 m  pair  
swivel rowlocks pair  
swivel rowlock bushes pair  
All prices are including 19% German VAT ex shipyard. Additional costs will arise in case of shipping. Subject to technical changes and to alteration of prices.
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