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Technical data — Accessories

Length over all 380 cm
Length in waterline 345 cm
Breadth over all 162 cm
Breadth in waterline 140 cm
Freeboard fore 45 cm
Freeboard aft 30 cm
Draught with centreboard up 8 cm
Draught with centreboard down 80 cm
Length of cockpit 220 cm
Breadth of cockpit 103 cm
Weight of hull approx. 85 kg
Sail area (standard) 8.5 m²
Genoa (sport) 4.45 m²
Height of mast 560 cm
Average scantling approx. 4 mm
  Scantling with reinforcement approx.   6-8 mm

FLYING BEE standard (ready to sail):

Round frame two-shell construction made of GRP.
Large, lockable stowage in the bow and covered stern.
Skid-proof profile in cockpit, on the lengthwise thwarts as well as on the fore and aft.
Drain channels in the cockpit and a recessed and covered suction bailer.
Buoyancy devices between cockpit floor and hull.
Completely enclosed centreboard casing.
Aluminium rubbing strake with high-strength semicircular rubber profile.
Sail area 8.5 m². Mainsail and foresail are made of Dacron with sail mark and continuous numbering.
Mast and boom are made of anodized aluminium.
Standing rigging is made of stainless steel, running rigging of pre-stretched synthetic material.
One wind pennant, spring reef for boom.
Forestay bracket with mooring eye. One belaying cleat.
Two sheet sliders with adjustable blocks for foresail and Genoa.
Two foresheet cam cleats and a foresheet winch.
Main sheet lead: Sheet ring, double block with swivel, fiddle block with cam cleat.
Straps for sitting out for steersman and foresheet man.
Centreboard made of steel, continuously adjustable with belay clamp for the sword fall. Centreboard dismountable.
Adjustable rudder made of aluminium, tiller made of hardwood and tiller extension made of aluminium.
Standard colour: white nr. 8012, special colours for a surcharge.

FLYING BEE standard, as described above, with 8.5 m² sail area


FLYING BEE sport (ready to sail):

The following extras are included with the sport version:
Genoa (instead of foresail) 4.45 m², with window, thus 10.5 m² sail area.
Trapeze equipment.

FLYING BEE sport, as described above, with 10.5 m² sail area


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